“Traveling to Africa was one of the most transformative experiences of my life.”  E. Aminata Brown, Founder of SISTAWorks

"The Women's Journey to Ghana was an all-inspiring experience. I couldn't have asked for a better first visit to Africa."  Leticia W.   

Come journey with us to Ghana, West Africa.

Take part in our Journey to Ghana – A Voyage of the Heart.

January 5th - 14th, 2017

This voyage will focus on exploring the lives of women and girls throughout various regions of Ghana, connecting with each other in a variety of settings, and sharing of our cross-cultural experiences as women in Africa & America.

"This was an exceptional experience for me. It was my first trip to Africa and it changed my perception of the continent, its people and their needs." Joann S.

Learning_to_Basket_Weave2.jpgThe intention of this trip is for all women traveling to experience a heart-centered connection with and a deeper understanding of African women & girls, as well as new life-long bonds with each other. There will be ongoing sharing and debriefing sessions throughout the journey. Together we will create an atmosphere to openly discuss experiences that facilitate both inner and outer learnings.

"Being in the company of so many women and experiencing an atmosphere of peace, camraderie, love and service is rare. We changed the lives of each of our SISTA Scholars, but I'm convinced that these young sisters and this experience changed our lives even more." Savannah W.


"Words really cannot express what a heartfilled journey this was for me and {my daughter}. I can't thank you enough for putting such a wonderful program together." Suzanne W.

"This was my 4th trip to Africa & it was the trip that gave me the greatest satisfaction." Winnie K.


The culmination of the journey will include an opportunity for each traveler to be matched with and to meet a SISTA Scholar who is beginning her secondary school education in the country’s most rural area. The travel package includes a sponsorship donation for your SISTA Scholar’s freshman year and we encourage you to bring other supplies to gift your student. Each traveler must commit to sponsoring their SISTA Scholar for two additional years of high school following the journey (i.e. until graduation).

"It was an awesome opportunity to support the SISTA Scholar program, which undeniably provides hope to students and their families. I'm greatly humbled to have been able to participate in such a fantabulous expression of LOVE, HOPE and FAITH. I'm looking forward to the next journey and continued support of this effort." Leticia W.


We encourage best friends, partners, sisters, cousins, mothers-daughters, aunts-nieces, grandmothers-granddaughters and solo women travelers alike!


"I was pleasantly surprised that 23 women who did not really know each other bonded so well. It was interesting that we came from all walks of life and diverse careers." Ziska H.

"The trip to Ghana was such a great experience for me and not a day goes by where I don't think about it." Ursula C.


"The life, vigor, and joy of so many of my native African sisters and brothers were truly evidence of God's goodness, and being of service to some of them was my delight and testimony. The terrain, places, and handmade merchandise made & sold in Ghana that I witnessed were all breathtaking and an eye opener." Deborah C.