SISTAS Short Film

This film tells the story of SISTAWorks, from its inception as part of the BaBa Blankets women's collective and social enterprise to what has become an independent mission to support girls' education in Africa.  "SISTAS" follows the journey of E. Aminata Brown and the women of BaBa Blankets as they take it upon themselves to create a new narrative for African women. Directed & produced by Broderick Webb.


More Magazine - Job Genius Series - "Hire Calling: Rescuing Women Laborers", by More Editors

"The best part is having close relationships with the women—and seeing other people recognize their talents," says Brown"


New Orleans Magazine "10 Top Female Achievers" July 2009, by Leigh Ann Stuart

Brown says, "Giving one woman a means to provide for herself and her family is how we address the poverty of today. Educating girls is how we begin to break the cycle of poverty of tomorrow."


Black Enterprise "Do Good, Get Rich" May 2006, by Elaine Lee

"A vision began to take shape among them to produce Afrocentric patchwork quilts to export to the United States and Europe to provide a sustainable income, healthcare, and education for the girls and women involved."




WWOZ 90.7 New Orleans "BaBa Blankets Comes to New Orleans"



More Press


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