The SISTA Scholar Program

“Through this program, girls who might otherwise drop out of school to search for urban street jobs are given vital support to continue on with their education." E. Aminata Brown


In 2007, BaBa Blankets™ began the Stay-In-School Tuition Assistance (SISTA) Program to help girls from Ghana's rural northern areas complete their secondary school education (high school). We've found that an overwhelming number of these girls can't afford to attend beyond the junior secondary school level (middle school). Today, there are tens of thousands of these northern girls in Ghana's urban centers, searching for menial jobs such as load carrying. Without the opportunities that a formal education offers, the cycle of poverty is destined to continue for them and their families.


In April 2011, we established SISTAWorks, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. SISTAWorks mission is to invest in girls' education and women's entrepreneurship to transform marginalized communities. As long as any women or girls remain on the margins, we believe that we are missing vital components of our society. Educated girls will birth healthier communities. To this end, SISTAWorks is committed to furthering the SISTA Scholar program. Entrepreneurial exchange, cross-cultural connectedness and educational advancement are the cornerstones on which we base our work. The SISTA Scholar program is funded by contributions from donors like you and all donations are fully tax-deductible.  


We select our SISTA Scholars based on the courageous academic drive and personal vision that inspires them to excel beyond their current circumstances. We believe that this educational support will help empower these amazing young women to manifest even more of their own greatness, as well as that within their own communities. Currently, there are 50 students in our SISTA Scholar program. Each of our scholars receive full tuition, supplies and dorm essentials required for Ghana's public boarding schools. Depending on their grade, school fees and supplies range from $250 to $450 per year for each girl. Our goal is to increase our sponsorship to 100 students by 2014.