SISTA Scholar Match Program

The SISTA Scholar Match Program pairs donors with individual students. Your commitment to support a student until she graduates enables us to match you with one of our SISTA Scholars. This offers you the opportunity to know exactly who you are supporting and how your donations impact her life. SISTA_Scholar_Match_1.jpg

Our Match Program is a powerful way to experience a real connection with a student from a very rich cultural background who is overcoming extraordinary life circumstances. Sponsors are provided the student’s photo, background profile and correspondence information. Some Scholars are able to communicate via email while others are most comfortable using the postal service. SISTAWorks facilitates updates between the sponsor and the Scholar throughout the school year. Donors who are matched with a student must commit to a minimum donation of $300 per year, until she graduates. Students attend secondary school for 3 to 4 years. Tuition payments are due each fall/early winter.